About the Author

Linda Knight

Linda Knight

I am a California native that has lived and worked in the Bay Area for most of my life.  I love living in the shadows of Mt Diablo and never tire of looking at our beautiful hills either brown or green.  The Bay Area has so many things to offer from the great vistas overlooking San Francisco Bay to the ocean and redwoods.  What a great place to see God’s beauty first hand!

I was an elementary and middle school teacher for over 30 years, and still teach part time working with Home and Hospital students.  I love getting to bond with my students as I work with them one on one.

For years I have been a Children’s Leader in Bible Study Fellowship.  The technique of drawing out lessons and truths from God’s word is something I practiced on a weekly basis.  You can never plumb the depths of God’s word.  Even if you study a certain book of the Bible one year and then study it several years later you  learn different things.  You are never the same person from one year to the next and your circumstances and challenges are always changing.  God is constantly growing me and teaching me new life lessons.

I never expected to write a book.

I started with a word study about fear.  I was experiencing a lot of troubles in my life and was living fearfully.  I heard a speaker say there were 365 references to not having fear in the Bible.  I thought, “I’m a pretty good Bible Student, and I don’t remember seeing that many.”  The search that began with my own Bible concordance expanded into my own book.  I discovered there are 70 references where we are told specifically to not have fear, and the rest of the 295 are about having fear.  The fear we are to have is to be directed towards God Almighty.

Once I began writing my book, Fearless Living, I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process.  I relied on God to provide the inspiration for my second book, Promises for Dynamic Living, about God’s promises for us.

I am trying to help people to see that God’s word is viable and can be applied to our lives each and every day of the year!

Besides writing and teaching, I love to read, quilt, watch my grandson, travel, and study God’s word.  God has given me many opportunities to work with others in spreading a love for His Word!

5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. dear Linda i graduated in 1966 , was lost till i was 33 when i decided to follow Jesus. i too attended bible study fellowship in Vallejo , my wife Ramona is a children”s leader in Walnut creek/PH class. maybe you know her ? thanks for your message

    • What a small world. I am in the same class and am a Children’s lead with her. She is a blessing to me and was my grandson’s teacher last year. This was a real encouragement to me today.

  2. You are the same as you were forty years ago. Your steadfastness and devotion to God are inspiring.
    May you have many more years of service to God.

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