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Linda Knight

DevotionalSpiritual Growth

Strategic Living looks at godly character and challenges us to dig deeper by putting the Bible into action. We are given biblical truths to guide our lives and ways to move forward in growing more and more like Jesus.  This daily devotional is full of character trait lessons that God wants us to incorporated into our lives.  It can be studied individually or as a group.

Let Linda Knight guide you so you can take up the challenge today and learn how to have more kindness, peace, self-control, generosity, humility and so much more.  Be committed to growing more like Jesus each day!

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Fearless Living is a unique, reflective journey that leads the reader from looking at the world, circumstances, events with fear to a place of trust in God.

Each day presents a passage of scripture where we are told not to fear. The context of when and where this directive was given by God is explored. Then the lessons and truths that are evident in the day’s scripture are given for thought and reflection.

Each day reveals the consistent, immutable character of God and how he wants those that follow Him to trust and obey Him. A prayer is given to help the reader to connect with God and seek to apply the lessons and truths. The next step in trusting is to learn to fear God not those circumstances. A verse or two of scripture is given for reflection to help refine our thinking into placing our trust and fear in God alone. The last section of each day is devoted to personal reflection and thinking on how the scripture can be applied to life.

How do I go about living each day without fear, as God intended? Each day builds one upon another to give assurance and hope for life without fear based on trust in God.

“Doubting? Unsure? Afraid? Linda Knight’s new book, Promises for Dynamic Living, will uplift and encourage you to trust in the promises of God. Using the firm foundation of the Holy Scriptures, these promises are not mere sentiment but assurances you can trust!”

Aaron Gonzenbach,
Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church, Concord, CA

Promises-for-dynamic-living-coverBUY  PAPERBACK

Has worry about the future permeated your life?

We live in a world filled with uncertainty, stressful situations, demanding circumstances, and even challenging people. In Promises for Dynamic Living, you will discover the specific promises which God has provided for you through His Word.

Linda Knight will guide you through a journey of learning God’s Word and applying it to your particular situation or need. You will be encouraged, as you claim His promises and begin a life free from worry and doubt.




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