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Events (Lord willing)

Join me in May of 2022 for a trip to Obermmergau, Germany.  Check the trip out and reserve your spot today!  There are only a limited number of spots left.  Don’t be left behind!!    This trip has been postponed to May of 2022.  Obermmeragau Germany cancelled all performances of the Passion Play and are rescheduling all for 2022.  Come join us!

Visit my personalized website:   OR Call the dedicated group member reservation line:1-800-438-7672   Reference Tour Number: 54671989

Small Groups

Interested in using Fearless Living or Promises for Dynamic Living   for a Bible Study or Small Group?  I would be glad to chat with you about the possible ways to use the book in a small group setting, as well as provide discussion questions. I have recently reprinted Fearless Living so the book now includes group discussion questions.  I have questions written for Promises also that I could email to you.

My new book Strategic Living has discussion questions included and makes a perfect platform for personal growth and group discussion.  I led several groups on Zoom using my new book and they were fantastic!

Have any questions please feel free to get in contact with me!

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