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I have another opportunity for you to travel- see my travel website and find out about my upcoming trip to England.  After seeing the Royal Wedding, I decided I needed to get myself there and enjoy the sites myself.  Come with me in June of 2019.

Join me in May of 2020 for a trip to Obermmergau, Germany.  Check the trip out and reserve your spot today!  There are only a limited number of spots left.  Don’t be left behind!!

Visit my personalized website:   OR Call the dedicated group member reservation line:1-800-438-7672   Reference Tour Number: 54671989


Small Groups

Interested in using Fearless Living for a Bible Study or Small Group?  I would be glad to chat with you about the possible ways to use the book in a small group setting, as well as provide discussion questions. Please get in contact with me!

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