Have you had a God sighting?

Day Camp is in full swing this week at church. This year we are lighting candles as we share our God Sightings.  Our theme for Day Camp is Spelunking as we are lighting our lives with the light Jesus gives.  May He light your way today and may you have many God Sightings!

In the ‘old days’ Day Camp was called Vacation Bible School or VBS for short.  Kids and adults gathered to learn about Jesus each morning, share fun experiences, bond with their leaders and learn some rousing songs.  It is always a fun time that is a spiritual high for the summer.  During the gathering time each day, our directors would ask us if we had had any “God sightings”.  Now this was a new term to me, and it meant had we seen God at work in any area of our lives that morning or during the previous day.  I think what they wanted each of us to realize it that God is always with us and watching out for us. Being loved and valued by our creator is a powerful thing as it gives us value and worth.  Why do we struggle so much with self-esteem?  Many have not yet discovered their worth in God’s eyes.

Back to God sightings, when was the last time you had a God sighting?  This could be as small as a soft kind word, a helping hand, a smile from child or God’s provision of housing, a car, a loved one being healed or a friend coming to know Jesus as savior.  The more I read and study God’s word, I am convinced that there are no coincidences with God.  He is intentional and brings things into our lives to bless us and remind us of his presence.  When I have a near miss in traffic, when I get an unexpected check in the mail, when a friend thanks me for something I’ve done, when God gives me ideas for this blog, those are God’s reminders to me that He loves me and is watching over me.

I pray that today God will open your eyes to see Him in a  new way and that you will be blessed with some God sightings!  I would love for you to share your sightings with me.



2 thoughts on “Have you had a God sighting?

  1. I delivered a meal to a friend today. She immediately realized I needed to talk . She stopped everything to listen. What a blessing. That is my sighting of God for today,

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