Mercies to me

I’m still in the contemplating mode as we end this year.  Yesterday I was printing out my most recent blogs for my binder and making a list of titles and categories.  I had let this chore slide for quite a while, so I was at it for several hours.  Anyway, when I was done I stood in awe, with thanksgiving in my heart, at the work God had allowed me to do this last year.  I counted the number of posts I’d written in 2015 and discovered I had blogged 123 times!!  When you multiply that by about an hour of writing and editing for each post that is about 123 hours.  That is 5 days and 8 minutes.  Who would have thought I’d have that kind of time, energy, direction and thoughts.   God did!  He knew the kind of blessings I would receive by doing this.

I want to share a verse that has come up again and again this year for me.  Psalm 37:5  “Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him, and he will act. “  (Day 14 promise in Promises for Dynamic Living) I have seen this over and over in 2015.  When I faced decisions, God reminded me that I need only commit my way to Him, and then He would do the work.  It was not my job to make things happen but His privilege as Sovereign God.   Because of His work in the past for me, I know I can commit and trust Him for the future, 2016.  How about you?

Thank you my readers for spending even part of the 123 days with me.  I pray it was a blessing to you.


Time to spend with my daughter and grandson, one of God’s great blessings in 2015!

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