A Day to Remember

pearl-harbor-mem-day On this 75th Anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, we want to take a few minutes to consider the sacrifice of those given in that great conflict.  WWII took many lives, both soldiers and civilians.   Men, women and children died to overcome the evil thrust upon the world by Germany, Japan and their allies.  It was a great conflict and by God’s grace we overcame.  God told the children of Israel to remember what He had done for them.  By remembering they kept alive the great miracles God did in saving them, bringing them out of Egypt, giving them the land of Canaan, giving them a king, keeping them together as a people and bringing a Savior to the world.   Remembering is part of Honor and also helps to guide us into not making mistakes we previously made.

Today let us remember:  the sacrifice, the miraculous missions and rescues, the bravery, the courage, the hope and help those who served gave to the world.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice,




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