You Alone are God

I was thinking about God and how He alone is worthy of our praises.  This prayer found in Nehemiah 9 shows God’s glory and commands us to stand and proclaim Him God Almighty.

glorious“On your feet! Bless God, your God, for ever and ever!”

5-6 Blessed be your glorious name,
    exalted above all blessing and praise!       
You’re the one,
    God, you alone;
You made the heavens,
    the heavens of heavens, and all angels;
The earth and everything on it,
    the seas and everything in them;
You keep them all alive;
    heaven’s angels worship you!  MSG

Prayer:  Father, you alone are worthy of praise. You created all things in the earth and heavens.  Thank you for creating me and giving me a beautiful world to live in and the ability to worship and serve you.  Amen.

Keeping things in perspective,keep calm


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