Are you ready?

mardi-grasLent begins on Wednesday.  If we were in New Orleans we would be celebrating during the Mardi Gras season awaiting tomorrow better known as ‘Fat Tuesday’.  This is the biggest and last day of the festival.  Why celebrate?  Beginning in Medieval times people would celebrate by eating rich foods and drinking before the season of Lent that brought penance and fasting.   Today I hear people say, “This is my last_____ for 6 weeks”.  This could be chocolate, french fries, alcohol or anything else one feels would be a sacrifice to eliminate from their diet for the 6 weeks leading up to Easter.  All of the ‘sacrifice’ points to the ultimate sacrifice that Christ made by dying on the cross for our sins.

What about you?  Be sure to catch Wednesday’s blog as I’ve included a list from Pope Francis on things you might consider giving up.  I was intrigued and I think you will be too.

As for myself, I tried ‘giving’ something up for several years and did not find it focused me enough on Christ or helped me identify with His suffering.  So I tried adding something on.  I found that a greater more focusing action.  For example, one could commit to a certain amount of time in prayer, bible study, attending daily church services, working with support groups feeding the homeless, etc.  The sacrifice of time and intent connected me more to Christ and His suffering.  Each person has to find their own connection to Christ during this time of ‘fasting’.

Suggestion– follow my blog each day and meditate on the scripture and idea presented about Christ.  I will be focusing on who I am now because of what Christ did for me on the cross.  I pray it will give added meaning to your Lenten Season.

Looking forward to my 6 weeks with anticipation as I know my faithful Savior waits will teach me each day more about himself,


One thought on “Are you ready?

  1. May you be richly blessed, Linda, as you sacrifice time to serve our Lord. I pray God will give you many “fat” moments when you feel His love and hugs as you obediently give of yourself. Know that you are giving ever more of Christ with each blog. Love and hugs from me, too.

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