What is your resolve in hard times?

As I meditate upon Psalm 119:121-128, I am reminded of how often we get ‘stuck’ in a place in life and feel it will never end.  When we pass through that time and look back it does not seem that it was that long.  Yet, while we are in the midst of the struggle it seems forever.  In these verses the psalmist is struggling with oppressors that are closing in upon him and pleads with God “do not leave me to my oppressors.”  He asks for help, “Ensure your servant’s well-being and let not the arrogant oppress me.”  He feels that apart from the salvation of the Lord, “My eyes fail, looking for your salvation , looking for your righteous promise.”  But he rallies and asks God to show him love. “Deal with me according to your love.”  He then asks for understanding and discernment so he can understand God’s plan.  “I am your servant give me discernment that I may understand your statues.”   He concludes with his own resolve about God, “Because I love your commands more than gold, more than pure gold and because I consider all your precepts right, I hate every wrong.”  

ResolveHow do you recover your resolve when you struggle with hard people, difficult circumstances or your own unbelief?  The psalmist resolved to trust God and stand on His Word.  Even when we do not understand we can make up our minds to believe God for who He is and what He says.  This will give us hope and bring us through those hard times.  Resolve today to stand with God and believe His Word.  He always proves Himself faithful.

Endeavoring to walk in Trust,


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