A weakness of mine- Children’s Literature

I love to read and being a teacher, I love to read Children’s Literature.  I love the themes of good versus evil, where good always triumphs.  Friendships, survival and hope all Green Emberabound in kids books.  I just finished the Green Ember Series by S.D.Smith.   He is a christian author who has constructed a wonderful series in the rabbit kingdom of Natalia where the evil war bird, Morbin, is currently threatening everyone’s existence and freedom.  The rabbit characters are brave, funny and fearless as they are developed though this series.  The bad guys are really bad and the good guys are really good- not a chance to confuse them.  The series begins with The Green Ember, Ember Falls, Ember Rising and concludes with Ember’s End.  I loved it and do hope it will endure as a Children’s classic like Wind in the Willows.

I hope you can get a copy to enjoy, I know it is available on Amazon.  I would say that the story read aloud could go from ages 6-teen, with an independent reading level at say grade 4-6.  I enjoyed this story as an adult, but I consider myself a child at heart.

Happy Reading.


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