How Long? Forever in Faith

Have you ever thought about How long you intend to praise God? Is it just a fleeting thing for you when times are hard? Or do you intend to worship Him forever? The psalmist wrote in

Psalm 79:13 “But we your people, the sheep of your pasture,
    will give thanks to you forever;  from generation to generation we will recount your praise.”

Israel was going through a time of discipline from the Lord when this psalm was written. They had been taken captives in Babylon for their idolatry and rejection of God. The psalmist was questioning how long the Lord would have them suffer for their sins at the hands of the ungodly who did not know Him. The psalmist emphatically concludes with verse 13 and gives his proclamation that His people would give thanks to Him forever, each and every generation to follow.

We are finite and cannot see God’s plan for mankind in detail. We know He wins! He redeems and saves! He will reign in heaven for all eternity. But, we do no know the exact timing… So the life of a believer is one of trust, obedience and resolve. Just as the children of Israel proclaimed, we need to live trusting God knowing He is sovereign and has good plans for His people from generation to generation for all eternity! Will you give thanks to the God who knows the beginning from the end and has each detail within His control? How long will you thank Him? May it be in and by faith, forever! Praise God!


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