On Writing “Promises for Dynamic Living”

After I published my first book, Fearless Living, people asked me if I was going to write a second book. Since I never thought I would write even one book, I couldn’t imagine God giving me a second one.

However, while I was publishing my first book, God gave me a new idea to research. As I was studying the book of Genesis, I began to notice promises that God gave to Abraham that could apply to me. I started searching His Word for promises that I could claim in my own life. Each day, I would look up a new promise, write it in my journal, pray, and ask God what He was promising me through that particular verse. I saw His character revealed more and more and the vast scope of His promises. I became really excited about His promises, and what a difference I could see they were making in my life! I thought, I’m not the only one who needs to know the promises of God, nor am I the only one who needs His Word to penetrate in my life. Through His encouragement, Promises for Dynamic Living began to develop and become alive.

Knowing that pulling verses out of context could lead to error and misunderstanding, I searched God’s Word to verify the chosen passages. Great promises of God are stated repeatedly in various contexts so that we can get the idea and claim the promise. Each day’s devotional promise explains the truths we learn about God and where we can find a similar promise or concept in the Bible. I must admit, this search was a challenge and caused me to think, meditate, and internalize God’s promises, as I saw them reaffirmed throughout His Word.

Through the writing of this book, I have seen the completeness of God’s Word and how He has woven it together to confirm, assure, and build us up to be the men and women He desires. His Word in us glorifies Him, and He longs for us to study and know Him. When I work with young people, I try to teach them that God’s Word, on the pages of our Bible, holds the same power as the spoken word of God, which brought the world into existence.

There is power in His Word and He desires that we know His Word and claim it in our lives.

I am so encouraged because the depth of God’s promises span throughout the entire Bible. God’s promises are not just limited to those things given to us by Christ. God has been in the promise-making business from the very beginning of His relationship with man. He knows us and knows that we need assurance of who He is and what He will do in and through our lives. I pray you will find promises in both the Old and New Testaments to enrich your walk with the Lord and that it brings you assurance of His loving character. May His promises remove any, and all, doubts you are experiencing. Claiming His promises in your life will dispel doubt and fear. It will lead you on the pathway toward assurance and HOPE in Christ.




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